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Amina. E 2016

Dear Mr Olivier,

I'd like to thank you for your help in confidence building through hypnotherapy. I feel a difference in my clarity of mind and calmness when I am interacting with people. I also feel more at peace with myself. Thank you for the great experience through which I have received clear benefits and thank you for facilitating the sessions in English for me! Cheers,

Leigh-Ann 2010

Dear Olivier,

Thank you for your help!

You taught me to feel better in myself, and understand that what happened was not my fault. You helped prepare me for meetings that I had to go to....... You taught me skills to help me stay calm during these meetings and continue to stay calm during that very difficult moment in my life that all I could see in front of me was a black hole.Olivier thank you for being there, opening your door, and telling me I needed help (as I couldn't really think for myself), and helping me. I will never forget what you did for me. Thank you for being such a great friend!"Chins up"!


Irène VHV. 2009

Listening on the way back in the car to Barbara Streisand's song; "I finally found some one" I understood very wellthat Olivier Massin is the one who helped me more than any doctor did in the last years.Stress, weightloss 17 kilo's, even an operation caused by the departure of a husband and father.Nobody got me out of this miserable life. Did I have to pay with my health. Medecine etc. No way.Olivier Massin did what nobody could do for me, with his ability of neuro-linguistic talking, he helped me to find myself again put me back on that new motorway towards a brighter futur.I take time every day and go over the conversations we had together just reflect, I have to continue working on it too myself. Where there is a will there is a way!I can recommend Olivier Massin to anybody, in case of stress, illnesses,depression etc. "He will listen and you talk" and you will see your life will go again into the posiive direction thanks to him.

Irène VHV.


Marilyn D.2013

My holiday was fantastic, thank you The flights all went very well for me, thanks to you.

I am very pleased everything is going well for you in Carouge.

*** Soyez  acteur de votre changement.

 Il est  important que vous ayez une réelle envie de changer, 

et de participer activement à celle-ci.

L'hypnose n'est pas de la magie, même si les résultats obtenus rapidement , déconcertent .

Soyez en cohésion avec vous-même ...***


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